Pinki Pramanik

Pinki Pramanik

Pinki Pramanik is one of the most accomplished female athletes India has ever produced. She won for her nation silvers and golds at international meets and she had a job with Indian Railways. Recently the woman with whom she lived in made a complaint that Pinki had tried to molest her and that she was not a female, but a male, who had hidden her sexual identity. She was summarily arrested by the police. Only male police personnel were sent to arrest her and they openly manhandled her, groped about —- in front of media cameras.

The pictures of harassed and insulted Pinki Pramanik held in the strong clutches of male police personnel came out in many newspapers and magazines.

While she was being physically tested for finding out whether she was a male or a female, someone made a video on his mobile and this video has been posted on the internet. The open brutalization of Pinki Pramanik has been going on since a few weeks and no political party or no group of activists has made any open protest statement in public, whereas West Bengal and its capital Calcutta have been known for the protest demonstrations that take place at the drop of any hat.

Following a phase of bewildering silence which almost indicated a general acceptance of what the West Bengal government and police have been doing to Pinki Pramanik, only a few stray voices of protest are being heard.

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