In gratitude I allude in this song to Bob Dylan’s great song ‘A Hard Rain’s agonna fall.’ In that song there is a line: ‘I heard the sound of a clown who cried in the alee.’

A new joint venture
Music for the valley
Bob Dylan once heard a clown
Cry in the alee.
What did you hear
My Kashmiri son
You heard a German band
And Zubin’s clarion,
You heard a solo oboe
Play the Song of Death
You heard a saxophone
Gasping for breath,
The way Kashmiris gasp
In the mutilated valley
Bob Dylan’s clown was crying
Crying in the alee.

Who did you meet
My Kashmiri son
Who did you meet
My sad young one,
You met the Indian soldiers
In scary battle gear,
You trembled in pain
You trembled in fear,
Though the masters are enjoying
A concert in the valley
Bob Dylan’s clown is crying
Crying in the alee.

What do you know
My Kashmiri son
What do you know
My homeless young one,
You know so many dead
You know so many raped
And thousands disappeared
And nobody escaped,
And a mocking peace concert
In your homeless valley
Bob Dylan’s clown is crying
Crying in the alee.

Is a hard rain agonna fall
On all of us some day
History has a story
My son won’t run away,
You lost your father once
But you have a dad in me
Resist the oppressors
Someday we’ll be free,
Resounds in the valley
Someday Dylan’s clown
Won’t cry in the alee.

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